Each Spring House Body Wrap is a multi-step, 90-minute treatment that includes dry brush massage, an exfoliating scrub, body wrap application and conditioning moisturizer.

Milk and Honey Body Wrap
90 minutes / $130
This body wrap contains a rich blend of goat's milk, colloidal oatmeal, honey and hemp seed butter infused with essential
oil of Chamomile. Essential fatty acids and humectants will soothe, hydrate and beautifully condition your skin. This wrap is paired with our Maple Sugar scrub.

Healing Lavender Clay Wrap
90 minutes / $130
A beautiful cleansing wrap that includes a Himalayan and Dead Sea Salt exfoliation followed by a Calcium Bentonite Clay Wrap that has been infused with essential oil of Lavender. Comfort and cleanse your body and soul.

Mineral Springs Mud Wrap
90 minutes / $130

Hungarian Moor Mud has been fortified with our own Sharon Springs Magnesia water and infused with Arnica oil. Relieve sore muscles and joints while boosting circulation to naturally heal the skin and body. This wrap is paired with an Epsom Salt scrub.

Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage
30 minutes / $40
Not enough time for a full body massage? This mini-massage is great for headaches, mind-clearing and balancing.

30 minutes / $40
Acupressure of major reflex points on the feet and lower legs promotes circulation and relaxation while decreasing stress and fatigue, leaving you energized and refreshed!

Warm Paraffin Hand Bath
Incorporate the paraffin bath into any facial or foot treatment for $20.
Recognized as an effective arthritis treatment by reducing pain and inflammation with the added benefits of softening and hydrating the skin.
Your hands are cleansed, moisturized, massaged and dipped 4 times into a warm paraffin bath for a warm wax layering effect , then covered and placed inside insulated warming mittens for a relaxing 30 minutes.

Dry Brush Massage
15 minutes / $20
Recommended as a pre-treatment to any massage.
Dry Brush Massage increases circulation to help flush toxins, waste and cellulite from the system. This treatment rejuvenates circulation and is beneficial for the lymphatic system, especially if performed every day. To support your self-care, you will take the brush home with guided instructions for continued results.

Aromatherapy Foot Bath
Recommended as a pre-treatmentfor any massage or facial.
15 minutes / $20
A warm and welcome beginning to any spa service. Treat your feet to a Kneipp Aromasalt foot bath and Maple Sugar

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